An art shoe project and auction from PF Flyers.

40 Artists. Exhibitions in 4 Cities.

VANCOUVER/Aug.13 @ Ayden Gallery
CALGARY/ Aug.20 @ The Gallery
MONTREAL/ Aug.27 @ Off The Hook
TORONTO/ Sept.10 @ 381 Projects

A diverse group in both background & Approach;
Painters, sculptors, illustrators, grafitti artists, conceptual artists…
Coming together to bring to you a unique twist on the classic shoe.

Shoes Auctioned via silent auction at events.

Proceeds: 60 % back to Artists | 40 % to Charity
Charities: TBA

With Support from

Red Bull

El Kartel, Caste Projects

Toronto done, auction done.

It didn’t go down without some drama. 

As it turns out, the UPS courier system is hardly top notch.  More than two thirds of the Art and Sole shoes were somehow misplaced in transit from Montreal to Toronto!  They’ve since been found, but the pre-show scrambling wasn’t able to turn up anything…  With some resourcefulness, and a last-minute print-shop favor, we were able to get large format photographs of each shoe printed and mounted in time for the party.

In spite of the shoes’ notable absence, the event went down in style.  With help from the great people at Red Bull 381 projects, the Art & Sole 2010 4 city tour came to a bustling close.  

The auction is down now too, and we’ll be announcing our charity donations once all of the shoes are shipped, proceeds are collected, and totals tallied.

For now, here are a few photos from the show, courtesy of

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, bid on the shoes, or followed the project online.  An extra special thanks to all of the artists who participated, the energy and ideas in the work speak for themselves.

Photos by Dennis Marciniak

The Auction is Live!

All of the shoes for Art & Sole 2010 are now up on ebay for auction!  You can view the listings and bid on the shoes by clicking the artist’s name below the images of the shoes.  Please keep in mind that 60% of proceeds go back to the artist, and 40% goes to one of 4 different arts charities.

Shoes with an initial bid of more than $125 were bid on at the events.  If you would like to place a bid, but do not have (and don’t want to get) an e-mail account, please e-mail your bid to: info(at)

Also, if you are interested on a particular pair of shoes but would like some higher resolution, more detailed photos, please send an e-mail request, and we’ll send you photos right away.  Thanks for bidding!

Aaron Daley

Aaron Ellard

Andrew Pommier

Andrew Tong

Carson Ting

Chad Willsie

Curtis Santiago

Dan Climan & Calen Knauf

Daniela Roessler

Dave Arnold

Dave Barnes

David Brunning

Eric Louie

Felicia Atanasiu

Heather Martin

Jody Hargreaves

Jordan Soak

Juliana Neufeld

Kim Kennedy Austin

Lupe Martinez

Marco Cibola

Matt Brunning

Mike Billington

Naomi Cook

Peru Dyer

Peter Ricq

Peter Taylor

Randy Niessen

Rebecca Chaperon

Robert Mearns

Ryan Buchnea

Shaun + Lindsay

Stephen Slattery

Tiffany Wollman

Tung Vo

Tyler Rawka



Montréal’s show went down at the Off The Hook’s gallery space, above their retail shop on Ste-Catherine West in the heart of downtown.  The space was great, and the setup looked fantastic.  Harry and Angelo from the shop were the best hosts that Art & Sole could have possibly wanted, and a solid cross-section of people from all over Montréal came out for the festivities.

Speakerbruiser Rob kept it lively, before leading the crowd to the Warehouse (formerly Coda), where he, Lunice, Hovatron, Ango, and Seb threw down for a solid, sweaty dance party that lasted well into the following morning.

The setup at Off The Hook.

The crowd in full swing.

Shawn of Switzerland and Dave Arnold bringing the party.

Aaron Daley, founder of Neuvo, and creator of the “Confit De Cousy”.

Not just for grown ups!

Artist and publisher extraordinaire, Harley Smart, of Anteism.

Speakerbruiser Rob making the good noise.

Calgary Styles, at The Gallery

Art & Sole had great support from Calgary.  Thanks to everyone who came out, checked out the shoes, and supported the artists.  Onward to Montréal!

The scupltural shoes: Naomi, Randy, Matt, Stephen, Dave.

More shoes in many dimensions: Aaron E, Tung, Dave, Lupe, Aaron D, Curtis.

Dan and Calen’s piece hides in the middle of the crowd.

Inspecting Tung Vo’s reconstructed pair of Cousys.

Vancouver Show Recap… Finally

Now that we’ve already finished up the Montreal show, we’re finally getting around to posting about the Vancouver show!    All in all, it was a great night.  A few hundred people rolled through over the course of the night, including Shaw TV, representatives from Arts Umbrella, and most of the Vancouver artists who had shoes in the show.

Ken Lum at the Ayden gallery was a huge help, and made sure that everything went smoothly, and that the crowd maintained just the right blood-alcohol level.  Things got crazy at Fortune Sound Club afterward, and by the end of Saturday, all the shoes were in boxes, ready to go to Calgary (photos from that show coming really soon).  Stay tuned for photos of all the shoes, to be posted within the next couple of days!

Aaron Ellard and Tiffany Wollman, hanging out with their little one…

Andrew Pommier was one of the first few to show up.

Lupe Martinez’ beautiful Ruby Slippers, titled: “There’s No Place Like Home”.

Shoes by Shaun+Lindsay and Chad Willsie (who also happened to be showing paintings at the Ayden Gallery during the show).

Shoes by Aaron Daley and Andrew Tong.

Good times, great crowd.

Carson Ting makes his shoes, and makes a video about it.  Of course he does, Carson Ting is the man.

Pre-Vancouver Sneak Preview!

It doesn’t seem right to post photos of all of the shoes in advance of the first exhibition, but we thought a few teaser shots wouldn’t hurt.



Arts Umbrella!

We’re very happy to announce the first charity that we’ll be supporting through Art & Sole: Arts Umbrella!  A percentage of the auction proceeds from the sale of Vancouver artists’ shoes will be given to this fantastic Vancouver-based non-profit.  

Arts Umbrella is a privately funded organization that runs arts programs for over 8,000 kids (from toddlers to high-school students) on Granville Island, and over 12,000 kids a year through off-site programs.  The aim of the organization is to foster interest in the arts from a young age, and to help participants build skills through process exercises and workshops.  Instead of “training” kids in the arts, and working to prepare them for careers, Arts Umbrella is focused on supporting art for art’s sake, and allowing participants to use their experiences for whatever they choose.  Additionally, Arts Umbrella runs programs that are aimed at vulnerable youth — those who would otherwise not be able to access the fantastic facilities, quality teaching, and tremendous support that Arts Umbrella provides.

We think that this is a fantastic approach, especially in the face of diminishing governmental/public education support for the arts.  

The Arts Umbrella facilities on Granville Island are incredible, and feature everything from multi-purpose visual-arts studios, to dance studios, and digital media labs.  The cost of attendance for young students is very reasonable, due in large part to the support of independent donors.  We hope that our little project is able to help at least a few students gain some of the invaluable experiences that can be had through their programs.

We’d like to thank Susan Smith, the director of development, marketing, and communications, for a fantastic tour.

Tools for Learning:

A corner of the animation studio:

Reference materials:

A postcard in the animation studio:

Googly eyes!

One of the large, multi-use spaces:


Masks made by students, for use in drama exercises:

Not long ago we had the opportunity to visit Dan Climan and Calen Knauf while they were working on their collaborative “pair of shoes” at Calen’s studio in East Vancouver.  These guys have an alternately super-laid-back, and super-intense approach.  They work in a way that makes it difficult to know where their work begins and their knowledge of one another’s process ends.  They chipped away at their piece in between cooking dinner, recounting stories of past adventures, and talking about their favorite furniture designers…

In this video we tried to keep the representation of the visit honest, and avoided overt stylization and artifice…  Enjoy.

Heather Martin Studio Visit

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of visiting Heather Martin in her Railtown Vancouver studio. 

In spite of being in the midst of preparing to open her first retail store, Monoshop Provisional, Heather was completely at ease.  She took time to talk about the chaos of trying to get a retail space off the ground, life as a creative person as well as a business person, and the best bike-routes through Vancouver.  Her beautiful clothing is as much (if not more) about experiments with textiles, dyes, and hand-altering techniques as it is about “fashion”.  She also spends a good deal of her time working on art projects, making kites, and collaborating with an array of talented individuals here in Vancouver.

Her store will be open for just over a month, starting this coming Thursday at noon.  We’ll be stopping by the opening to take some more photos, and to see what Heather’s done with her tiny (allegedly around 100 square feet) space at 6 E. Cordova St in Gastown.

Here’s a sneak peek of how she dealt with her PF’s:

Some of her kites:


And other experiments in varying degrees of progress:

You can find out more about her clothing line, mono, at:

…but if you’re in Vancouver, you should NOT miss this: